Online portfolio for your needs

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You will receive a Figma file that you can easily customize to suit your needs. This file includes 10 unique pages, easily customizable for any device and screen resolution. All the pages are built on auto layouts, including components and local styles.

In this file, you will find a database of local variables that will help you easily make changes to sizes, padding, and color schemes on all pages in just one click. For example, do you think that 100 pixels of margin from the edges is not enough? No problem, change it to 200 and it will change on all pages in the same hour. Or do you think that you don’t like this black color? No problem - one click and that's it.

In the file, you will also find instructions on how to work with the file and what settings are included.


- 10 designed pages
- 100% responsive layout and components
- Dark/Light mode
- Desktop/tablet/mobile viewports
- Organized layers and groups
- 100% AutoLayout
- Fully customizable
- Instruction “how to use template”
- Google Free Fonts
- Ease of transfer to Webflow

This template can be used for portfolios and personal blogs.


- photographers
- video makers
- graph and web designer
- writers and authors
- business and creative agencies
- freelancers
- and many others


- Home page
- Biography (About)
- Works (Portfolio)
- Photo Album
- Video Album
- Case description page
- Blog
- Article
- Contact
- Photo slider

**File doesn’t include images

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Fully customizable product with many customization options.

Number of pages
10 pages
100% auto layouts, components
3 breakpoints for devices (desktop, table, mobile)
Color mode
Dark & Light
Free Google fonts
Not included
34.5 MB
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Online portfolio for your needs

0 ratings
I want this!